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Scarves and ties are special items of clothing in that they can create both individuality and solidarity. As well as her seasonal collections, Marja Kurki creates individual designs drawing on the essence of the company or its products, the natural force that conquers people’s hearts.

A personalised scarf or tie is always distinctive. It is suitable for occasions large or small, continuous promotion, or as a gift for a business associate. It is also useful in connection with a change of name or merger, anniversaries or special occasions, to support product launches or as an element in internal marketing and motivation.

The power of visual communication should not be underrated. Nor should the luxurious touch of silk.

Marja Kurki private designs



Swedish company Hägglunds ordered Marja Kurki’s personalised ties and scarves. In line with the desires of Hägglunds, the army tank theme was strongly emphasised in the designs, reflecting the company’s industry.

For the silk tie, the graphical tanks were composed in harmony with the classic diagonal lines. In the more feminine scarf design, the tanks appear in the midst of graphical patterns inspired by sand dunes. This is a reference to the Middle Eastern market, which is very important to Hägglunds.


SOS Children’s villages


Marja Kurki designed personalised scarves and ties for Finnish charitable organisation SOS Children’s Villages. SOS Children’s Villages works for the safe life of children. The association helps families in which the children’s safety and care from the parents are uncertain. It offers support and help in the form of foster families, for instance.

The personalised designs for SOS Children’s Villages use vivid colours characteristic of the organisation and its work, with the signature bright blue in central position. The subtle scarf design incorporates the shoot displayed in the SOS Children’s Villages logotype, along with other symbolic elements of growth: growing tree branches, flower buds, and flowering trees.

Private design

Lund University


Founded in the 17th century, Lund University sought a personalised pattern that does justice to the valuable heritage of the university. The personalised design for Lund University was planned with the institution’s blue-oriented colour scheme in mind.

Decorative elements from the historical Lund University building were reproduced in the tie pattern. The ‘heart’ of the university – that is, the garden with its fountains fringed with magnolia flowers and the dignified historical university building behind it – is displayed in the silk scarf in its entirety.

Lund Universität silkkisolmio
Lund Universität silkkihuivi

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